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Anim8or Chat Room:
The "official" Anim8or chat room is:  #anim8or on  Some of the more active forum contributors hang out there so check it out!

Anim8or Related Software:
Banjo has put together a web page with a list of over a dozen different programs that have been either made specifically to work with Anim8or, or have been modified to include special support for it.  Check them out!
Some useful programs that are designed to use with Anim8or:

Using Anim8or on Linux:
You can run Anim8or on the Linux operating system with the Wine Windows emulator.  The latest working version that's been reported is Wine-0.9.49 under Ubuntu Linux 7.10, with the 2.6.22-14-generic kernel.  If you know of other combinations that work let me know and I will post them.

Using Anim8or Models in C Programs:
If you are a programmer and want an easy to use Anim8or models in your program, this is for you.  You can export a C source file from the Object Editor with the Object->Export command.  Choose the "C Source File (.c)" format.  You'll need the Anim8orExport.h header file for struct definitions.  Here's a little program that spins an Anim8or model around, including source:

This version has been updated to work with v0.8 export files.
Sorry but I don't have the time to help with C programming or OpenGL questions!

Online Italian Anim8or User's Manual
Civic Settantuno has translated v0.85 of the Anim8or User's Manual into Italian;  Here's a link to his translation:

The Anim8or File Format: .an8
Here is a description of the .an8 file format for those of you that are interested in reading or writing .an8 files from other programs:  an8_format.txt

DotAn8 E-Magazine:
The e-magazine DotAn8 is back.  It is a monthly publication dedicated to everything Anim8or.  Get your copy here:

Anim8or Material Database:
David Raft made a database of basic Anim8or materials and their settings that yuo might find useful:

Other Useful Resources:
Conv3ds is a utility included in the mssdk that will convert .3ds files to .x files.  It can be found (in a normal mssdk install) under /mssdk/bin/DXUtils/XFiles.  Export to .3ds and run this utility, then use in whatever direct x fashion you want.  It can do animations with the -A option, but Anim8or doesn't currently export .3ds animation keyframes.  You might need to specify the -m option to get it to work.

(Thanks to Richard for posting this info.)

UV Mapper is a freeware program that generates a texture file from your model file (for .obj files).  You can then paint a texture image in any paint program and see where it will be on your model.  It is really helpful if you're also using an outside program like Bryce and/or Poser to render your Anim8or models.

There are two versions, UVMapper Classic which is free and an inexpensive UVMapper professional and has a free demo.  You can download both at:
...with tutorials at:
The site also has duscussion forums.

(Thanks to Har for posting thi

Planit 3D is a 3d related web site with some good free models and textures.  The models are in the .3ds format an can be impoted into Anim8or.

Construct8or 100% free, is a 3d model construction system comprising re-usable metal strips, plates, angle, girders, wheels, axles and with nuts and bolts to connect the pieces. It enables the building of working models and mechanical devices. It comes with a 15 page manual, and you load it into anim8or. Similar to Meccano, Erector sets and vintage construction toys.

Bink is a freeware video editor that allows you to add .mp3 and .avi sound to your movies and much more.  The Rad Game Tools site has other useful things as well.  The URL is:

Stereo output is a cool thing.  You can find stereo software and related resources to help create red-blue and other stereo images at:

Plant Studio  If you need plants of any kind, this is for you.  It's a free modeling application that lets you export an amazing number of plant models to many popular formats, including 3ds that Anim8or can read:

Terragen creates realistic landscape meshes that can be imported into Anim8or:

Kerkythea is a free raytracer.  You can use it to render images of .3ds and .obj files that you export from Anim8or:

3DMD has some 3d modeling tutorials and free textures:

texel has several useful programs and projects on his web site (in addition to Ani2Pov and LibAn8 mentioned above):

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