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Project Info + Texture Filtering


So sometimes I write a To Do list in the Project Info window. A while later I go back to work on the project and sometimes I forget that I ever wrote anything there. I was wondering if maybe there could be an option per file which made the Project Info window pop up upon opening the file. Another program I've seen this used in is FL Studio, and I find it really useful when making complex music in that program.

Oh and just one other thing; I'd really like it if there was an option to turn off texture filtering, so that low-res pixel textures can be used without the blur. Cheers if you can do that Steve  :)

Thanks for the suggestions.  I used to have a global no-filtering option (uncheck mip-maps) but it was for speed not image quality.  Now all graphics cards support filtering so it isn't needed.

I see how a nearest sample filter option on a per-texture basis could be useful.


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