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plugicon issue



When I tried to run it, I got "This application has failed to start because jper62.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem.".
Anyway, I found it on the web and placed in the same dir as *.exe and app lounched, but whenever I load *.png or *.jpg 'Convert' button doesnt get enabled.
*.bmp works fine ;)

And please add the line for the dimension requirements in readme.txt, it may save some time for someone ;)

EDIT: for the *.bmp I get unexpected result (picture seems to be a bit streched, edges cut).

It looks like the .dll jpeg62 is neeeded to run that application.  Where did you get a copy?  I'll add it to the .zip file.  (I didn't write plugicon so I wan't aware that it needed this library.)

Here you are ;)


i have the corona and jpeg62 driver both included when made backup for null's app
there is also sample bmp with correct dimensions that the user can edit and over wright


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