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Hey, I posted the Anim8or to POV_RAY Project in the new forum, now.

I talked before about converting and exporting Anim8or files to POV-RAY well I have played around a little bit with file conversions, and decided to take up the task of a Anim8or to POV-RAY project that can, not only convert Anim8or objects and scenes to POV-RAY, but also animations.
Just think how cool it would be to render an Anim8or animation in a ray tracer like POV-RAY!

Well I put the link below, and since I'm still figuring out, what the heck I'm doing, any comments and suggestions are welcome....

Anim8or to POV-RAY project page

Here is a link to the Topic in the OLD forum

Hey, sorry guys its taken so long for an update, I have had a little trouble with some of the algorithms. so i have been doing more researching and studying then writing code. but I'm using this time to come up with more ideas for the program. so if you have an idea, or would like to make sure it will have a capability you want, don't hesitate to post it. I'm open to anything and everything right now.

and just for a sum up, the Anim8or to POV_RAY Project will focus more on the scene animation, beyond ani2pov, i also want to use MegaPov to add Physics to animations and scenes.

so feel free to post any comments or ideas about the Anim8or to POV_RAY Project


Can you actually do anything animation wise with it?

 I`m using Kerkythea  at the moment and its a
pain exporting every single frame as 3ds ... plus it don`t like anim8or figures!

I tried downloading the gui and it didn't work for me when i tried to run it thier was an error message and then it didn't let me open it.

Yes, unlike ani2pov, the Anim8or to POV-RAY Project will have a very strong animation export for rendering animation in pov-ray, it will take some time to do this, so please be patient with me. and eventually it will have a utility for particle animation, and other animations that anim8or dose not support, as well as physics animation for use with mega-pov

Its still a work in progress, so it might be a couple of months before i release the first version, but for now its mainly just source code.


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