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ok, i was working today trying to get OpenGL working with  PERL, but thats too hard to set up if people don't know what they are doing, heck it was giveing me a hard time. so I'm thinking what about JAVA?

Most people already have JAVA set up, and its easy to install, but I'm not so strong in JAVA so it will take longer to do. or should i do it in C++ on the .net framework?

OK so i was doing more particle research and found PhysBAM

This would be very cool if we implement make a particle system like this...

you say you might do something in JAVA?

i know quite a bit of java, but nothing about file conversions, and you seem to be the opposite

i would like to help with the java part if possible, if you need proof of my abilities in java, i wrote (with the exception of a method or two) a falling sand game you can find it at :

That sounds great! I'm playing with it in PERL right now, just becouse its way faster for me and it dose not have to be just right for the script to run, but i would like it to be relesed in JAVA.

if you have an IM or e-mail, i would like to talk with you about it.


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