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Point edit in Scene mode


I think that Anim8or should be able to edit points/verticles in scene mode.You should be able to make physical changes to your character.e.g. a balloon becomes easy.If you're gonna mention Morph targets i decicded morph targets is too hard.

No, editing objects in scene mode is not a good idea. An object is an object and should be edited only in object mode. If you open a AN8 file with a notepad, you will see that your scene calls objects, does not create ones. You just have to learn how to use the morphing tool. It is complicated but it is rewarding.

Imagine what is to move point by point in scene mode. You would have a modifier for each point and that would make the render impossible. It is much better to move entire objects this way because they are not that many. Also, the morphing tool is much easier to make animation point by point and the chance of distorting a model in weird ways is much, much smaller.

Not to mention that skeleton what for...

Blender has it.It's a little easier when Scene,Seqence,Object,and Figure mode all in ONE(1)So lip synching is simple.:)


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