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How the set camera's position


Hi there.

I'm new to ASL and I think it sounds quite cool. But there is one point I didn't find an answer to...

Is there a possibility to set the position of the camera in a scene?

Thank you guys very much,

The only way to set the camera position is through a controller script.
Leslie's tutorials should get you started:

Thank you very much.

This is a beginning... But not exactly what I wanted. Maybe there even is no possbility at all to do all the stuff I 've wanted to be done automatically.

I have some animations that need to be rendered from the same point of view. And I don't need every frame just about every 5th or so (for creating an animated GIF).

So the perfect solution would be: I press an "button" in Anim8or. The camera is set at the correct position. The background would be colored like I wish. The scene would be rendered (and saved). The animation would go 5 frames further -> next rendering. Ans so on...

I could write an external program to simulate mouse and keyboard events. But I think it would be quite more elegant to write an ASL script with this abilities.

Best regards,

The only scripts presently supported in the Scene editor are controller scripts.  Perhaps I'll have time to add more someday.

maybe you could delete the frames in between what you want rendered and render a movie in .bmp format.


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