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A Note About the GUI and New Features

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Guys, attributes are a quick way to get new functionality into Anim8or.  It only takes a second to use them within Anim8or.  Adding new fields in dialogs and all the code to handle them is a lot more work.  So many new things in these "previews" are done the quick way - using attributes - so I can experiment and so I can get some feedback from everybody on what works, what doesn't, and what else is needed. The most useful attributes will likely be moved to normal dialogs for real releases.

So don't worry about how hard it is to add attributes, etc.  They'll always be there for end user extensibility and other experimentaion.  But official "releases" will do move many of them into proper dialogs.

I my self don't find any problem with using the GUI that that way.

 The only thing i wish it had was the Attributes already In the system to be used by.....Ehh.....i don't know,  from like a drop down menu or something. But that's just me, i really don't find anything wrong with the whole how attribute are accessed thing, anim8or is is till easier to use then any other program in terms of work flow/simplicity

Unlike, ...Blender *Shudders*, just looks an alien space ship with their GUI. *Shudders* Bleh, to complicated to even "want" to learn.

Suppastar, what he's saying is that there will probably be some implementation similar to that in an actual release.  As of now, the new versions are 'previews', that means he's experimenting, and letting us experiment with what he's made, but it's not finalized yet.  He will probably be working on a way to implement the attributes into the GUI, or put them in some kind of drop-down list like you said.

Steve, thank you for letting out these preview versions.  They're really great and allow those that want to access the wonderful new features much ahead of time which is awesome.
I look forward to your updates!

(Shhhh, no positive feedback, if we are negative he could come out with something much more awesome)

I am looking forward to your next release; I am sure you will come out with something really cool. 

lol, i feel my post was the warrant for this thread  :-[.  haha, sorry.


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