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A Note About the GUI and New Features

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Yes I use key frame to change light colors. Just being lazy and looking for a faster way.

I don't think this is the place to discuss this topic.

hey, it's been a while since i was here...i think the attributes are awesome!!Keep up the good work man....Can't wait to actually say " I have anim8or; the full version" But i'll be patient for that.....:)

Anyone? Is there a tutorial that shows how attributes can be used? Also, am I right in saying attributes are not used in scene scripts? Seems like that would be one way to set global scene variables that scripts could use for conditional execution.

If you need to know how to use attributes, try downloading the sample files from the ART Raytracer page. If you need to use attributes from ASL, just look into the ASL specification, there are a few methods that make it possible to read attribute values.

ASL scripting in the scene mode is very restricted though and it is not possible to access scene attributes from scripts...

when you actually add dialogs, will the feature concerned still use attributes in the file, or will you be creating new chunk types?


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