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A Note About the GUI and New Features

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Awesome Steve.
 and congrats on your retirement. Well done.

Congratulations Steve on your retirement, happy days and good health for the future.


--- Quote from: Steve on November 13, 2013, 07:57:10 pm ---I retired Oct 1 and have a bit more time now.  I'm currently restructuring the web site (almost done) and updating the manual to include the new features.  Then a new release (not preview) called v0.98.

--- End quote ---

Great news Steve, congrats!!! Aren't you too young to retire ? :)

Too young to retire?  When I was born Truman was president.  Besides it's the only way to find any time to work on Anim8or :)

Lol, so one door shuts and another one opens :) Yes I've read about Truman. He was the one after George Washington? You are holding your age well Steve. :) Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for anim8or! Cheers from Oz!


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