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IconCreator for ASL - current version 1.2
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I'd like to introduce the first version of IconCreator for ASL, a little program that should help you to create icons for parametric shape plugins.

I want it to be a good alternative to PlugIcon by Tyson Collins. While his program loads a jpg, png or bmp file and generates the code, IconCreator allows you to draw the icon point by point. It's not really a program, in fact it's only a HTML table with a piece of javascript code, but it does exactly what it should do :)
I've tried it on IE7, Firefox 2 and Google Chrome and it worked; I appreciate any feedback about other browsers.

The current version 0.2 allows you to draw an icon and get the code. There was version 0.1 before, but it didn't worth releasing...

I plan to add much more features like input (so you can edit already existing icons), better drawing tool, UI improvement etc. If you download the current version, be sure to check this topic time to time as there will be updates. (there is not even a ReadMe file, that's one more thing I have to do...)

Right now I don't find IconCreator to be very useful because it's too simple (well, it took about 3 hours to make it all), neither will it be very useful when it's finished because there will never be many people who need to create icons for ASL plugins... But I'll keep improving it anyway, just for fun :)

Download the file, unwrap it and run IconCreator.htm to launch IconCreator. Maximum icon size is 26x26 - that's the size of icons in Anim8or (in pixels). Draw the icon and press "GO!" to get the code. To draw, simply click and/or drag your mouse; white will be changed to black and vice versa.

I appreciate any feedback, don't hesitate to post feature requests, questions and suggestions.

very cool!! ;)




--- Quote from: neirao on October 10, 2008, 02:12:18 pm ---very cool!! ;)



--- End quote ---

Thanks Neirao, I'm pleased you like it :)

2 downloads in 5 hors... To be honest, that's better than I expected :)
Stay tuned, updates are on the way...

kubajzz this program has great potential!!!!

Have you thought about making the program kind of like paint.

Also color would be nice.

Can you alter the buttons that are already in anim8or?

Thanks RNDr Fox!

I don't plan to add more colors, because Anim8or icons are only black or white. But I'll try to improve the painting tool.

It's only possible to create and change buttons for plugins, not all buttons...


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