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Author Topic: File path bug?  (Read 2438 times)


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File path bug?
« on: October 16, 2008, 10:43:14 am »

Hi All

New to forum. Im a big user of Anim8or, Fantastic software!

Can I point out a possible bug. The texture names in lattest .97d  quite often (but not always)  removes my file path when I save the file.

For example:

file { "G:\\Design\\Airfields\\Heathrow-EGLL\\artwork\\egll_runway.bmp" }


file { ".\\egll_runway.bmp" }

Which is fine if the an8 file was in the same folder, buts its NOT. So when I load it up again, it cant find the images. Had to go back to 97b for now.

Also a request, can you add more than 4 history files, in FILE menu. I quite often work on more than 4 files, and its quicker if its in history list.

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