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Repeatable crash bug with 0.96beta

1) Start up Anim8or
2) Go to Object/Point Edit mode
3) Select 'Drag Select'
4) Now click on another desktop window (doesnt matter which, IE, Thunderbird - just as long as it is a window not the desktop)
5) Now left click on the view window (the blue part) of Anim8or, and it crashes.
Clicking the taskbar at the top is ok, but if you left click into the window you get an access violation (call to address 0)

The offending code is at 0x004cb32F in the beta:

--- Code: ---004CB327   push        edi
004CB328   push        edx
004CB329   lea         ecx,[esp+24h]
004CB32D   push        eax
004CB32E   push        ecx
004CB32F   call        dword ptr [esi+174h]

--- End code ---
unfortunately, [esi+174h] is zero and causes the crash.
This also happens in v0.95 at address 0x004C5399 (same code, just different location in this build)

- Dom

I've tested this with v0.95 and v0.96b, and I can reproduce the crash. It seems to be some problem with the select tool. However, if you return to Anim8or by clicking on the task bar or other part of its window except the drawing area you can avoid this situation (as I understood between the lines of your post). This might indicate the nature of the problem.

I can't reproduce this.  What OS and graphics card do you have? (Use the About->SystemInfo command to get this.)

OpenGL Version: 2.0.3
OpenGL renderer: GeForce 7950 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! (Its a dual core AMD Athlon)
OS Version: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (5.1)

OKI finally figured it out.  The other window needs to overlay the Anim8or window for it to crash.  If it's completely to the side the crash doesn't happen (at least on my system).

This is related to the bug where the toolbars get drawn sort in of a negative color.  It's due to a funamental mistake I make writing the 2D/3D graphics code and fairly difficult to fix properly.  But I think I can fix the crash fairly easily.


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