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AmbientOccluder integer attribute

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I'am a french user of anim8or, and I am very happy to discover this new ambientoccluder option !
But I can't manage with it. My first tries are not ok...
Could you tell me more details  about how to set this attrbute for my scene ?

-can I use use it with lights ?

Can anyone set the anim8or file  for me so that I can render my object with ambient occluder attribute ?
The file can be found here :

thanks a lot and sorry for my english....

I would like to help but your link doesn't seem to work. You can add your file to your post as an attachment file, that's easier then using file storage sites.

About your questions. Adding the ambientoccluder to your scene is pretty easy: Go to scene mode, go scene>attributes. Add a new attribute called 'AmbientOccluder' and set the int value to 1. To get the clay render look your should adjust your light setup: go setting>lighting. Change the global intensity to 0 and the ambient to 3.14. Set your AA to atleast 64 to get rid of the noise.
You can add lights to your scene while using the ambientoccluder, but (ofcourse) they will effect the lighting of the scene.

thanks for your answer,
but all settings in my file seems to be good, the same as what you write.

So I give you the good address for the file :

(right clic and save as)
thank you

I fixed the file, you did a few things wrong. At first you didn't called the attribute ambientoccluder but AMBIENT. At second you had an material with an ambient value of 0. This way the material won't reflect the ambient intensity of the lighting.

aaaahh !
thanks ! it works ! I just had to change a few things, the AA level,  and it's ok.

It was hard for me to understand that "AmbientOccluder" was the exact word to  write in the blank field of the attribute.
And now I will observe the details of the parameters you assigned to this file.

Merci et bonne continuation !



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