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new - line_points script - might be available, if you'll help me here ;)

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Hi all,

I've been working on my model recently and noticed that it would be very usefull to line up points.
I've coded very simple script for that, whitch has lack of functionality. I mean, at the moment it recognizes
all the selected points and lines it to a mesh coord center in Y axis - (0.0, Y, 0.0).

I would like to add some functionality and user interface:

- User can choose to which axis points should be lined;
- User can choose wheater line to a mesh center, rand point coords or coords specified;
- User can ajust X, Y and Z for point lining (of course one of those would be ignored depending on axis chosen);

Thing is I can't find the way to add user interface. I mean it's not a "Parametric Mesh Plug-in" script, so there is nothing
to return in this case.

Thanks in advance. ;)

Have a look.


Havent tried it yet, but I'm sure it works fine.
I've got one question though. Will it be posible in the future ASL to set UI for these type of scripts?

I don't know if there will ever be a UI for modeling script,but since
version 0.96,there's a new feature called "attribute".
You can see it under the Object menu.

I know that adding this feature to other items and making these
accessible to ASL, is on Steve's TODO list.When it's available,I don't
see why we couldn't use it as a form of interface for modeling script.
We will have to wait and see.

What you need is a dialog that you can prompt users for input from a running script.  I have this partially implemented (and so not yet available).  It's quite a bit of work to do a full blown dialog so I want to limit it to simple things initaliiy.  I plan to add prompts for an integer, a float, a 3d point, and a string as well as a Yes/No answer to a question.  Comments?


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