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I'm glad you guys like it. Special thanks goes to...all the scripters who made the scripts, of course ;)

Alright, I updated Kubajzz's entry and added the export scripts that I found. There may be one or two others laying around somewhere so if you come across any that's not on the list then let me know!

Here is a shape script
1. Jet engine blades
2. Lasse Vork Borchert (Monex)
4. A script that makes jet engine blades.
6. Picture is attached

Alright, as soon as I'm back from the holidays I'll put it up!

Updated with Monex's shape script (with bug fix), thanks!

The Remove Useless didn't work; there were four errors, two of which were listed as syntax.  Sorry I couldn't fix it myself - it would be nice to have. (I'm using Vista, but didn't have any problems before. Anyone else try this script yet?)


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