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hi guys
years ago i change the "Plane Primitive Plug-in / Tyson Collins" 
and create this simple plugin:
Tela(screen) is a "Plane Stand-up!"

only now i remember to share :)

is simple but for me is very helpfull!


--- Quote from: polyGon_tError on March 13, 2015, 03:41:08 pm ---Hello Raxx,
why don't you add my modeling tool set here or atleast mention it here, though some of them get replaced by new function of anim8or and i am happy with that but what about other?

--- End quote ---

I won't add anyone's scripts to the list, there's a character limit to how much you can put in one post and I've already reached it. I intend to put everything on An8Hub when it's complete, and then simply link to that website since it'll have a much more sophisticated library of resources. It's not just you I'm ignoring. I haven't updated the list in more than two years.

That being said, please continue to post your scripts as replies to this topic or in their own topics in this board, so that I can publish them on An8Hub when it's time.

Thank you.

How would one write a controller script that would randomly position an object (x,y,and or z) per frame. Have tried for 2 days and got nowhere but a lot of crashing. If not proper forum please direct me to proper forum

Use the randseed() and frand() functions in a position controller script. The random number generator always starts with the same random when a script is run. This insures repeatability. Otherwise each time the same frame was drawn it would be different.

--- Quote ---// Set position to a random position based on frame number.
float $x, $y, $z;

$x = frand()*100.0;
$y = frand()*50.0 + 50.0;
$z = frand()*100.0;

$position = ($x, $y, $z);

--- End quote ---

So in this script I initialize the pseudo-random number generator with the frame number as it's seed. Then I call it 3 times for each if the x, y and z components of it's location, and scale them to make the object jump about quite radically.

I've also attached a simple project.

WOW talkin about a duh moment times 2 days. How did i forget randseed. Again Steve u r awesome bro thx for all your hard work and help


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