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I've decided to switch to new forum software.  It has a lot more features that the old UBB software that I think you'll enjoy.

If you are an existing member you'll need to reregister in order to post.  When you do please don't use someone else's user name.

I'm still working out the kinks in administering it so please be patient if you run into any glitches.


Looking great Steve, nice one!

Glad to see the WIP section back with a vengeance and hopefully with some great comments and feedback for people.

Steve thanks for devoting your own time towards making this Forum, I really appriciate what you still offer for free.

maybe you should ad adds. I would not mind one bit if you added advertisments to your site if it gave you money. Another suggestion is a donate button. I don't have a credit card so i couldn't donate but i'm sure at least a small proportion of the many visitors would.

Thanks again for the new flashy forum.


Nice job Steve.

Thanks once more.

Nice new forum!  :)

I took this opportunity to change my username... In the other forum I was known as SEGA. I changed to match my username on other forums... and I didn't steal anyone elses name so i'm not breaking any laws  ;)

Great forum... thanks for changing Steve.  ;D


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