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Would be great to have "Apply" button on forms. Functionality could be same as "ok", but no window closure.
Say I like to rotate object a few times. I select obj, Edit->Rotate->Rotate Custom.. enter params, hit "Apply"..
obj rotates, but thats not what I whant. Since Rotation dialog is still on the screen, I can simply enter new params
and rotate again.


Good idea. That or auto-update for dialogs.

Great idea.  along those lines, I've experimented making all the values update real-time (even better that an Apply button) but there are numerous problems with that approach (besides the sheer volum of code I'd need to write).  The main one is that you might need to set two fields to have valid value.  The intermediate state could be wrong.  Things quickly got so complex I dropped that approach.

As for an Apply button, the big problem is that the Undo mechanism was added after Anim8or was designed.  It's quite fragile and handled in a multiple ways depending on how the original code was written.  Figuring out how to manage Apply, Reset and Undo would be hard.

However I can see if it will work in some places perhap.

Would be good to have simple lip sync controls soon


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