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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #1: Model a Bench

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Challenge #1: Model A Bench
Welcome ladies and gentlemen! The goal here is to create a bench. What kind of bench? Any kind at all! Just make sure it's one you can sit on ;)

How best to create this bench? Since most benches are solid objects boxmodelling will be the key.
Use the point edit mode to manipulate the faces, points and lines of a standard primitive, a box will be best.

Post your progress, c&c, and/or final renders in this topic!

Deadline: Completed!

Challenge Results
Artist that made the best looking bench

Hah! This was unexpected, and probably something I can actually do.

Glad to see a friendly competition!

How will this be judged? Is it going by the render or the mesh itself?

Second Progress Edit:
Bad cubemap added, quick render in anim8or.

Oops, it wasn't mentioned if this first challenge would be competitive or not. For now, assume it is going to be judged by everyone using a public poll. Preferrably the user will vote based on both the render and the mesh.

Mmm, Nice and bubbly, bamman62! By the way, feel free to make new posts when you update your work so that we don't miss it!

Here's my rigid bench that no one can sit on for more than 10 minutes without getting uncomfortable ;) Easy one to make, would have been even easier if I could have used splines instead :P

Box modeled with cubes and cylinders for the base meshes.

That certainly look like an uncomfortable bench, but a very nice model.
I like you bench bamman, very futuristic.

I would like to see the other entries!



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