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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #1: Model a Bench

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Hey nice to see these competitions on the anim8or forum!

bamman; nice work! I see you mixed regular reflections with the cubemap reflections, it kindof goes through each other but the final look is quite convincing!

Raxx; nice work too! Maybe you can change the lighting/materials a bit so that the details come out better.
Btw; if i read the competition rules you are allowed to use different methods than box modeling, it is just a tip to use box modeling !

Here is my entry, it is a bench that i saw in Bremen, Germany.. Its a huge dumbbell in the shape of a bench... no wait.. the other way around! Anyway.

A beauty render might still come, but that might take a while to render etc. so first this!

Here is my stylish bank :P, don't think I'll win with it, but just want to know what you guys think of it  ;D

Got one question, most of the sides of the bench are to much creased IMO, how can I make them just a little bit smooth without mutilating the whole bench. I tried the edge properties on the edges I don't want to be rounded, but it doesn't work in any way I tried. Anybodey knows what to do?

Am I allowed to create a challenge?

Hah! Figured out the problem with my cube map.

Apparently, up is the bottom.

All of the entries so far are great :P. Personally, Raxx's is my favorite, but the others come in a close second.

Anyway, here is a better version, more on the cubemap. It was rendered outside of a scene.

Oh, nice entries everybody so far! I should make one too...

your bench (or sofa?) is definitely the most comfortable one :) As for your question... It would be nice to see a larger image, but as far as I understand you need to make some of the edges more rounded. The best you can do is to use the bevel tool and possibly convert the whole mesh to subdivided. Nice model so far!

--- Quote from: Airedale11 ---Am I allowed to create a challenge?

--- End quote ---
No, only the moderators and the administrator can start a new challenge, but if you have an idea what the next challenge should be about feel free to post it or send a pm to any of the moderators (I prefer the pm option, things wouldn't really work if everybody posted 50 ideas here...)


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