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Windows Vista and Plug-Ins


I can't seem to get the plug-ins to work in Vista.  The main program is running in XP compatibility mode, but when I configure to the plug-ins, everything gets stuck with a blank DOS window.

Does anyone have any ideas here?

I don't have any problems with vista and plugins...
i run anim8or with windows XP compatability and the 'run program as administrator' checked off.
maybe Vista won't let anim8or access dos without administrator access.

Anim8or runs if the plug-in scripts are not activated/accessible. Works the same way with or without the Administrator box checked.

I have vista and it works and have worked fine for me always.
I don't know why but at first I had to set it to xp sp2 combatiblility mode, but now I don't even have to set that or admin. checkbox.

Anim8or doesn't work on my computer until it wants to, and then when it does work, in at least 2 hours an error message pops up saying anim8or has stopped working. I've tried the XP compatibility mode and i didn't get any better results. There was an option to get a driver for an8 but where can i get that from?


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