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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #2: Render Glasses Using ART

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Jehovahenker: No, you dont need to use version 0.97.. You can make a render in an older version. Using the new ART raytracer is just a suggestion on how to make the best glass material using anim8or!

Well simon, it's says:

--- Quote ---The final entries will be judged based on the best looking Anim8or Ray Tracer render. This will be a public poll.

--- End quote ---

Which doesn't directly means you have to render in ART, but it will be judged. So if you want to make a change you should render it in ART (which only comes with v0.97).


--- Quote from: Jehovahenker ---So,... Do I need version 0.97? ???

--- End quote ---

Yes, because the usage of the ART renderer is one of the main points of this challenge. That doesn't mean that you must not enter this contest unless you are using v0.97, but I can't see any reason why to use an older version... I don't think v0.97 is less stable than previous versions and it has a lot of new awesome features :)

ok thanks for the reactions, I'll dl it tomorriw  ;)

trying out a lens.
very basic, early days


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