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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #3: Red and Moving

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Hah nice idea

Here's mine, rough and ready cause I am computer downtimed for the next few weeks, but I thought I'd get the rall bowling... err ball rolling.

Looking forward to seeing everybody's work when I get my computer back.



edit here's the an8 file if anyone wants a peep, nothing serious.....

haha nice use of morphs headwax, too bad you don't have more time, the ball could've been more complex.

Nice entry headwax and a quick one!

Can't wait to see the next entries!!

@kreator: mods can't do this but i can talk with steve about it. Could you give some more information about this, maybe a link or something? PM me or post it on the forum. ;)

:) Thanks gentlemen.

I fiddled with the avi and reposted it (changed link in original post) , no aa so it's pretty atrocious! Should make it a speed challenge :) Ho ho.


My entry in rendering atm. Each frame was taking 4 hours to render (1 down, 188 to go) so I'll be changing from 800x600 to 400x300. Even if this cuts it down to 1 hour per frame, it will still take a week to render. I only rendered 1 frame at 800x600, and here it is.

Edit: I tweaked a few things when I restarted it.


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