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Some one can help me?

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Hello I'm new here and in anim8or, well I have problem with script, I take the script to export file for game maker (in format .gml) but I don't find when I want to export the file is just .obj - .vtx - .c
Maybe I wrong something?
Please help me, thank in advance

Wel I havent been using any export scripts on Anim8or, but I think you just need to click on File->Configure.. than set script directory which should contain your export script, then restart Anim8or, open your model, Object->Export.. and choose the Save As Type you need ;)

Cheers ;)

Thanks for answer my post, but I do that, and I don't find the extention, maybe the script is not correct?

Hmm.. First think you can try is taking a look at the console window. Just check if all the scripts are compiled with no errors.. Try download the script again..

Is the .gml script in your "Scripts" directory?  (See the File->Configure dialog to set this.)  If not then it won't load and won't show up in the export list.


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