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Author Topic: Steve, could you ...  (Read 2224 times)


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Steve, could you ...
« on: May 10, 2009, 11:49:42 pm »

Since v0.97 is "in work" ...

Wondering if the object list window could be made re-sizeable and cntl-C copy-able.

Motivation: I have some very complex *.3ds files with lots of objects. They import perfectly (kudos). I want to make a paper list and text file so I can keep track of them, add notes, yada yada.

I went so far as to download the AutoDesk 3D studio max 30-trial version. There object list box is resizeable and will alphabetize ... but it can't be copied. Maybe you could really trounce them by adding stats like number of verts, faces, time stamp, etc  ... with the whole lot sortable on any column.

Bob ;D ;D
ps Thank You for the wonderful anim8or experience