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Challenge #4: Indoor Render

The new challenge has arrived, this time it involves rendering!

The goal of this challenge is to create an indoor environment, whether it be a living room, bedroom, dining room, cellar, whatever you can think of, and make the most stunning render you can.  Though the render must be done in Anim8or, some minor post production can and is encouraged to be used.  The final product must be a still image, so get to work Anim8ors!


Deadline:  2 weeks (June 6!)

Judging:  Judging will be based on the most attractive looking image, whether it be realistic, stylistic, dark or shiny and new.  Whatever attracts people the most will get the most votes, so make it look good!

Yes! This is my kind of challenge!
I'll get right to work. I have a great idea...

Nice idea hiho! I will see if i can find the time. ;)

Okay! I was actually about to start an indoor scene. Lets see what I can do on my 8 year old laptop! Im in.


#1 Alright, and here is my first update, Just framing things out... Still have to get some thresholds put in and some windows if need be. More to come soon!


#2 Another progress render! A door way! I know, why would I frame the entire room out? Because I have plans! That and it adds to the realism factor. ;)

#3 Yet again another update! There are now a window, and closet framed out. And a hole in the concrete... Hmmm. Where could I be going with this? Well you'll just have to find out!  ;D

#4 Yet another update! Added a wood tile floor. And yet again more to come!


#5 Yet another update! Added a wood tile floor. And yet again more to come!

#6 Okay I got some more to show, I have the "drywall" up, and I did some trim around the "mini pool"/ jacuzzi. I hope you guys like this! ;D  Plus I will tell you that in the end there is a surprise that some of you who know of me will get a kick out of!


Oh and btw, room is scaled approx. 14'x14' with 9' ceiling.

#7 hey guys, yet again another update! Semi textured, but still a lot to do.


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