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[ COMPLETE ]Challenge #4: Indoor Render

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Thanks who voted for me, and good job other guys. $imon I'm surprised you didn't place... Oh well. :)


Congrats Starbuck, and also kreator and ncl for your awesome images..

Ncl; I'm not too surprised, I had very little time so it doesnt look any like i had in mind from the beginning.. I'm still very glad that i got 4 votes! thanks for those!

Nice work everyone. And thankyou for the votes!

--- Quote --- could you share some of the lighting effects you did? like the light on the walls and the look of the window.
The blur is just right, nice touch!

--- End quote ---

Sure, I can give a quick explanation.

I use 4 lights to light my scene. 2 omni, 1 spot and 1 area.

I rendered the image.

Then I render an AO pass.

I rendered the chair and used it to make a cheap depth of field mask.

I also made a mask for the window for the dust and the lightrays.

Then I composed all the layers and added some more blurring and other effects.

Not much of an explanation, but if I had more time I would go into more detail. I hope that helped a little.

Thanks Ensoniq
I must have been to late and therefore didn't see it...

By the way Congrats Starbuck! Awesome!


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