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this is ju5t1n5t0n3 from like a year ago, if anyone remembers me, i have converted to blenderism

well i just stopped bye to see how everything was going, i tried the new version but it didn't work for me  :-\

Sorry to hear that you didn't like it...

But still, I respect your ability to use Blender. Personally I think it would be easier to calculate the distance travelled by a dust particle being fired out of a walrus tusk on the planet Venus while being attacked by Monkeys than using Blender. Just my opinion.

Good on you for stopping by... I can't say I remember you, but I felt the need to reply  ;D

o, i didn't mean that i didn't like it, its just the open gl or whatever its called is realy messed up on both of my vistas, which is why i switched to blender in the first place.

well thanks for replying

Oh right... sorry, in my haste to reply I didn't really take the time to read your post properly.
Sorry for the misunderstanding  ;D

its ok, i reread my post and it kinda sounded like i didnt like it to me too


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