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just something i'd like to say


im not a people person73:
keep this in mind that i'm a newbie and please correct me of anything stupid i'm about to say.

what i would like is being able to use modifiers on subdivisions without it returning to it's unsubdivided state.

i think this is a dumb ? so please have mercy when throwing crits at my head.

You're right, though I wouldn't go so far as to say it's dumb.  As seen in anim8or, subdivision objects don't have as much flexibility as meshes.  You can't do things such as merging points with subdivision objects, or joining solids.  I think it's just a way the program is written, I'm guessing it's much easier to go about these functions with a mesh object.  It is something you could bring to steve's attention, and perhaps it's not too hard to fix these things because it would be useful if they were fixed.

I thought you could merge points in subdivision objects

That's more of an oversight on my part than by design.  I hadn't realized that this happened (or if I've been told, I forgot!).  I'll see if I can fix it.  Ideally subdivision objects and meshes should behave identically except that SD opbjects would be smoothed after the face.

Ah, you're right about joining points.  That is possible with subdivision objects, but other things aren't such as mirroring and joining solids.


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