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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #7: Old and Rusty.

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Challenge #7: Old and Rusty.

The seventh anim8or challenge: Old and Rusty!

The challenge is to make a still render with something old and rusty.  
Make an object which have been around for some years. Try being creative! ;)

Have fun, keep in mind the challenge rules and post your progress, c&c, and/or final renders in this topic.

Deadline: 2 weeks (August 14th)

What will be judged:
This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the best still render.

Good idea Floyd!

Man this is going to be the hottest challenge.  The name of challenge itself is enough to stimulate a gush of anim8aline through the arteries.

Hope I can contribute something.

3D Joe Wiltshire:
Ooooh, I can see some pretty mysterious objects coming out of this challenge... gonna try my hardest to take part in this...

i can do this. ummm only thing is is where do i get the textures? just go google rusty or somthing and put the picture i want on my computer?


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