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I'm sooooo in!!
Or maybe it can be that everyone makes something and then three get selected - the three best renders, perhaps, or three coolest-looking images (e.g. screenshots count, etc) which then get stitched together into a cool, professional-looking splash screen.


I second Davdud101's notion.

Anim8or's splash has always been a bunch of pretty random objects, soo what if it's splash screen consists of a handful of renders composited together by the community.

Challenge idea... community animation project? Just a short film. Long-term, lasting like 2 or 3 months from start to finish. Assigned tasks and all... a 3-minuter made to stretch us and perhaps bring more of a "team"-aspect into the use and function of Anim8or. It's a software that could work great for team-projects, but I've yet to see it done myself.

This worked some years ago with " Pass the Ball" .... However, the commitment is something that is needed, too many people fall by the wayside on these sort of "projects" but count me in if it does happen!

There are fewer people  visiting the site now.


--- Quote from: davdud101 on October 08, 2017, 12:51:14 am ---Challenge idea... community animation project?
--- End quote ---
that sort of project seems to have worked well for Blender, both as a showcase of the program's abilities and as a motive to improve specific areas of the software, so there's certainly a lot of merit in the idea of us trying the same trick.  obviously we'd have to be careful with the scripting and design, so that the things we're trying to do will play to anim8or's strengths and not fall foul of its... shall we say its less-polished aspects.  no furry characters, for example!

personally, i haven't really done any cgi filmmaking in years (mostly been doing stopmotion instead), and i've got to say i've missed it, but a major reason i haven't really been doing it is that my cgi character modelling is dodgy and my rigging outright stinks.  a community project would be great, if someone else was building and rigging characters and i could step in at the animation stage!  :)


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