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I think that challenge has been taken care of with "Old & Rusty" rellik....

that depends on what the guidlines are. and every entry has had textures on it so that mean all of the challenges has taken care of that...

I was thinking more along the lines that every1 is given the same model. and you can texture it how ever you want. This should get people more confortable with uv mapping attributes and making theyre own bump maps and everythin else associated with texturing. Not just getting something off the internet and useing that.

it was just a thought

Well, it seems kinda obvious, but you can pick pretty much any era in history (wild west, mideveil, industrial revolution, WWII, ect. ect) and see what scenes people come up with. Really, this is pretty much the 'Space Scene' challange using different themes.

I would also like to see a 'Vehicle Challange'. You could either design your own originol creation or an existing one. I can picture a bunch of street rods outside Mels Drive-In right now. Or maybe Don Garlets Swamp Rat (which I had the pleasure of seeing in action before he retired) at the line ready to launch. Hell, this would be even better animated . . . wheels are turning now.

3D Joe Wiltshire:
I agree with rellik, sounds cool, Much like the (hushed) Blender (hushed) rigged model competitions, where people are given a default rig to animate to a theme.

In fact, that second idea from you Joe would be great as well!  Give out a generic rig (or two) and give a theme for the animation.


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