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Coordinates in Modeller


Hello Anim8er users,

I am new in using this nice 3D programm. I have problems with the co-ordinates used in the modeller.
I use the programm under Vista. My mouse movement in 3d is not the same as the manual tells me.
Left-button and horizontal moves in X (that's the same as in the book)
Left-button and vertical moves in Z (the book says Y)
Right button and horizontal does nothing
Right button and verical moves in Y (the book says Z)
The lock buttens XYZ  in the left panel seems to have Y and Z swapped. Y locks or enables Z and Z locks or enables Y.
Cab somebody help me out?

Under the 3 XYZ buttons,there's 3 coordinate buttons.

If I remember well, your description is the way it works in object coordinates
(middle button) and the book describes the screen coordinate mode.
(right button)


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