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ive always wanted to make a badass car. so im going to attempt to make the famous mach 5. i never got into speed racer but its still a classic. i dont know if i will make the textures cartoony or not yet. but i got a low poly base for the car. then i started working on the steering wheel. i think i have it done. i might come back to it, im not sure yet. heres my 1st render. ill prolly post another 1 with diff angles and materials.

this took 4ever to render. probably because of the transperancy. its a pretty low poly model.

its only the basic shape. ill make it look better some other time. im going to work on the interior and the wheels now.

When you next render your car remove the checker ground grid, that will speed it up a lot.

Nice car ;)

i had my aa set up high because i did a ao render. so im sure i can cut down the render time.

i have a question about the 3rd image. y would the shadows be like that on the "rim" of the steering wheel? and by rim i mean where u put your hands to turn.

there is just 1 infinite light.

it doesnt look right. ive really never messed with lighting before. but some1 here might be able to give me a heads up on y it would turn out like that.

My guess is that half of the faces normals are inverted.  In other words, the ones that have shadows on the side that's illogical, probably have flipped normals.  You'll be able to tell if you select those faces and the front of them appear blue.  To flip them, select them all and go "edit>flip normals"


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