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Light Attenuation & Light Baking Requests


I'd really find it useful if you could choose to use the inverse square rule on local lights.

Also, a render-to-texture feature would be good too (I know that one's a lot to ask, but maybe some day?).

Render to texture/ baking would be a really nice idea. I find that it is the lighting in my animations which cause anim8or to lag alot and sometimes crash (in other programs lighting doesnt seem to hit as hard...)

So getting the shadows fixed onto the texture would be quite nice- though, I guess you could do this in a scene anyway, depending of the complexity of the model you are baking it onto. If it is like a wall you could set everything else to transparent and place the camera up against the shadowing wall... set it to render this frame at quite a large resolution and save the image and set as texture. Just one thought..


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