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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #15: ...and then there was light.

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Challenge #15: ...and then there was light.

Another anim8or challenge: ..and then there was light.

The challenge you will have to do the lighting for a still render. It can be any kind of scene but only the lighting matters. You are allowed to use a little postproduction. But to stop people from photoshopping everything, you will have to add a screenshot of you scene, in which the light setup can be seen.
Look here for some tips and tricks about lighting in anim8or: Anim8or Lighting
Try being creative! ;)

Have fun, keep in mind the challenge rules and post your progress, c&c, and/or final renders in this topic.

Deadline: 2 weeks (April 5th)

What will be judged:
This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the still render with the best lighting.

Nice challenge floyd! I'll have to think of something good to light ;) Good luck everyone!

Awesome, I already have a model I've been wanting to try some fancy lighting on for a bit. Mind you i still have to finish it.

(Gotta give credit to Mills here, cus it was his dragon that really inspired the design of this thing!)

I might try this challenge if I have time

I'm definitely going to post a render. Have a few good ideas. This is one challenge that won't need much modeling, but scene placement and lighting.

@Navek: Looking good so far. =]


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