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It's time for a new challenge, and this time I felt a return to a bit of good ol' organic modeling would be good!  The theme is pigs.  It can be realistic, stylized, just a head bust, robotic pig, a man-pig, whatever you wish, just stick to the theme!  Your submission can be either 3D render or animation, both are acceptable.  The challenge will last for 2 weeks, meaning...

The deadline is May 26th!

So get up and roll in the mud a bit then get to work!

Ohhh I got this one!  Yup, yet again pitching into a fit of something... may finish a challenge yet! Biggest, ugliest, sorry-est case of a warthog I can muster... but what ever I am doing, I hope to animate, and use part of the Pink Floyd tune "Pigs-Three Different Ones"...

I have a few GOOD ideas for this one, surprisingly. :P

Will get to work soon. ^^

Thanks, Hiho! :D

I'm gettin' 2 work!!

Would it be politically incorrect to do something about the police?  Just kidding.


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