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Windows Vista installation of Animor 8


Drummer and Keyboard Boy:
I'm having trouble downloading the new Animor 8 onto Vista and I did use WinZip to unzip the file into .exe but do not know how to run the application in XP compatible mode (I don't know where the file manager is). Can anyone help who has Vista and has successfully downloaded it using XP Compatible m,ode or something else?

The file manager is the window that you view your files and directory names in.  You can double click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop (I think this works for Vista - that's how it works in WinXP) to open it, and then search for the directory that you saved the Anim8or.exe file in when you unzipped it.  If Anim8or.exe is on th desktop then you can right click directly on it there.

What new anim8or 8 the newest one is anim8or 0.96 beta not 8
maybe wait like 30 years and we'll be at 8 but not yet.


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