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Lots of detail...pretty coOL.

A tiiiiiny update.
 Originally I started with the building ( floor, walls, ceiling ) and doors. I'll set later proper textures, materials. Now I have almost filled the walls with the sockets, swithches, some heat units. The air conditioner left. Some lights. Finally I'll start making the furniture. Did some already, for tests. Looks fine.
Shouldn't actually posting anything before I complete at least the first ( first-second ) stage, but just haven't worked on it lately and may have not some time in the next weeks too.

When I seen your thumbnails I thought you were using diffuse inter-reflection, sadly when I opened up your images they look like they have been done in the scanline renderer with lights simulating the doorway.

You should try using the settings I posted (back-up your project first) and see how it looks.
The numbers might need tweaking but I think it should work fairly well with that doorway.


I really like the lighting technique! How did you set the light? Is it infinite or spot? Whereabout in the room did you put it? It looks like it is not from above.

Trevor : I'm sorry I disappointed you  :) , but those are not fine renders. Instead of posting a screenshot ( PrintScreen ) of an OpenGl working window, I just rendered a scene with a single local light. I used ART ( !!! ), since scanline doesn't give good images ( don't use it at all, and since ART was introdused, alonge with the OpenGL renderer should be removed from the list of renderers ? ) As I said before, actualy , maybe I should not post any images before I'll finish some parts of the whole project, but I still posted them.  :D
As about your settings, I'll try them, but later, since there's no point changing a lot of materials just to test an unfinished thing.

fefe01 : As I mentioned, nothing special, just a test and no special "technique" used at all . Rendered with ART, with a single local light ( casts shadows, ray traced ) above the center of the carpet. Default material settings. Environment: "basic" white solid background. No Attributes, nothing.


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