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Actually, it's not as good as it looks like and definitely was at all not difficult to make it. I hope that you don't think that i created it using various spheres,cubes,cylinders or other meshs, because i'm not so good yet. :P I just used a picture from Build--->Reference Image menu and with the line/path tool "drew" around it. Then--->fill---->convert to mesh----> some edits in point editor------>shell tool to extrude it and finally convert to subdivided. Great part here has the texture and lighting. And i don't meen the texture is the best that could be and especially the lighting ( i just was playing with, as i said i'm still in object mode ;D ), but it helps a lot to make the scene seem more realistic. For texture i used a simple black colour material with bumpmap ( very good feature for textures  8)) and the texture UV tool. I definitely will recreate it when i'll be more skilled, but for now just see at this "realise" of model and find all the mistakes i did.  ;D
So, these are the pics of model in " undressed mode " :D :

It's still great. :D

wow alot polys keep up the hard work 
i could never make my mind up which was best sub-zero or scorpian

 ;D I think the creators of these characters made a point that the subzero was best, but i slightly like more the scorpion :D

'Mortal Kombat'? :D The coin looked really familiar from the first sight, but I couldn't remember where this familiarity comes from ;)


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