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Boolean operation problem!

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And by the way... I joined the tain project earlier on 3DVIA, and wanted to ask that can I help?


--- Quote --- joined the tain project earlier on 3DVIA, and wanted to ask that can I help?
--- End quote ---

whats your username on there?  Raizen31337 ??

Yeah! :D


--- Quote from: kreator on June 05, 2010, 06:48:33 am ---This operation will not work, as you are trying to do a union to a curved surface.

To complete the operation You need a flat surface do the union, then do a  bend modifier to that, to get your curve.

--- End quote ---

I'm not too sure I understand. I've boolean-subtracted spheres, cubic figures, and (lathed) objects with round surfaces from each other before, and I don't always get the error message. In fact, to create a cresent-looking hemisphere, I subtracted a smaller circle from a bigger one, and it worked; amoung the random times it mysteriously does.

The reason I revived this thread is because, as I've consistently ran into in the past, I ran into this error message again when  trying to subtract a "screw" object from my Cannon chess piece; this, to create the cannon's main body component with a hole drilled through it. Whether it's B-A or A-B, I still get this "error 3" message. (change to front view, if not already there)

I have attached a different Boolean Operations script that might work in those tricky situations.  The instructions are a bit different, so be sure to read the header in the script file.


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