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Boolean operation problem!

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--- Quote from: NickE on December 11, 2015, 10:45:10 pm ---I have attached a different Boolean Operations script that might work in those tricky situations.  The instructions are a bit different, so be sure to read the header in the script file.

--- End quote ---

Hi NickE,
I hope you are still around. Can you please explain how I execute these scripts?


In the header of the script file is the instruction on how to execute the script.

Quick instructions:
Have an object that contains the two meshes that you want use for the boolean operations.
If you wish to do a Union operation, do not select either mesh and execute the script by Scripts->Run Script File...
If you wish to do a Difference operation, select the mesh that will be subtracted from the other, then execute the script
If you wish to do a Intersection operation, select both meshes, then execute the script

If you need more guidance, please let me know.


Actually, NickE, my minor inquiry was self-discovered: I was really asking where I was supposed to put the script so that it can be executed; not realizing that anim8or could execute scripts in txt format.

I tried the operation, and it worked very nicely! For my old project that I was needing help on a few months back and for a current one.


Now, however, going back to an old problem with the A-B Boolean, I'm still getting that "concave face" error OR the "open mesh" (when my two meshes are completed with closure throughout!). I've tried different angles, and still either one of these errors pop up. Can you please have a look?

In the following attachment:

Sample A is the Mesh Head ("MeshH) and the subtracting mesh (MeshS) that I'm having trouble with.

I tried smoothing both objects (Sample B) to see if that was a solution to make the darn two things executable. That didn't work.

Then, I tried doing it the inconvenient manual way (Sample C): cut up the mesh with the cut tool, deleting the part being subtracted and then adding faces back by selecting four conjoined lines and Shft+J. That seemed to solve my boolean issue alright, but a new problem arose: the appearance of the new mesh. As you can see, there are unflattering dark patches that render the sample mesh unusable; since I'm making this mesh as a demonstration for my chess business.

Forgetting sample C, can you please take a look at sample A and/or B and see how I can finally get the two irritating things to work?

Thanks so much for your help! As always.



I personally do not use Kubajzz Boolean Scripts A-B or B-A.  I use the one attached below.

I looked at the an8 file you attached.  Your mesh "meshHH" had several problems including interior lines and duplicate points.  Your mesh "meshSS" had all its normals flipped inward, a couple of extra edges and several duplicate points.  These issues are probably what is causing the errors with the Kubajzz A-B Boolean script.

When I fixed these issues and ran the attached boolean operations script (selecting the "meshSS" so it would be subtracted from "meshHH"), the result was a good subtraction with the exception of a few faces with flipped normals.  I have attached the an8 file so you can compare the original vs repaired meshes and the results of the Boolean subtraction.


Thanks, NickE! Greatly appreciated.  :) :)



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