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f8ce is a plugin attempt at creating quick easy lowpoly humanoid characters with as many variation options as possible

Version 0.9 update

decreased poly count of model to
point 1964
edge 3918
face 1956

~shape changes again but this time based on real life reference
~removed all body attributes
~re edit of uv wrap giving the head more pixel space
~new addition of parameters for real time edit from -100 to 100 limit:
gender : no change but real edit with z non uni scale
torso : effects size of rib cage grouped with normal scale
muscle : make character look more buff x non uni scale
weight : increase gut mass y non uni scale
spine : effect length of torso grouped with normal scale
also include upper lower arm and leg grouped with normal scale

Following Attribute tags below will effect f8ce v0.9 models appearance

How to edit f8ce:
A)Goto Object>Attributes ...
B)Click New button to bring up the name tag box
C1)Type in one of blue name tags above remember all are lower case fonts
C2)you donot need to add all tags but click new each time to add an attribute to the active object
D)Important in the TYPE tab enable "point", 3 value box's should enable from left to right are equal to x,y and z coordinate of each tagged region
E) The plugin attributes go by percentages from -100 to 100 percent . how ever there is no restriction limit for attributes
F) At present there is a refresh issue with attributes but you can .
Fa)double click the f8ce model and click ok button to refresh
Fb)select f8ce model and enable non-unform tool then adjust one of the parameters with mouse
Fc) delete and recreate f8ce model

~attribute change donnot refresh unless plugin parameter is changed
~you cannot undo attributes but even if you delete the f8ce model saving file ensured attributes will be stored as well :D

how to install plugin : put f8ce.a8s in the script folder you assigned in anim8or>configure menu and wella plugin tool button will appear on side menu of object mode contains plugin , 1024xbmp uv template and f8ce9tester project file ,if you have older version than v0.9 i recommend overwriting or you wish to keep old plugin move it to different directory ,old saved projects i recommend deleting old reference to f8ce and recreating reference as v0.9  use different polycount

Looks nice! :D

thanks Bugtrooper

i missed texture template so ill re-uploaded plugin has no changes other then
uv template bmp and tester an8 project has couple more variations in

youtube video showing exactly whats in the re-uploaded files

WOW man! :o  :o This is AWESOME!!!Definitely my most favourite plugin!!You're always making cool stuff that could help us anim8or users. THANKS!!
You're also a great modeler,animator and script writer!
3d is definitely your thing!Stick to it! :)

Below is a female I created with f8ce9

For me, the plugin tool button isn't appearing... help!

(sorry for being such a n00b! :/ )


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