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f8ce v0.9 plugin

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great that you like it Josmic8or but other than rigging im not much of an animator

Tiula no need to apologies we were all new once
1st make sure you are using anim8or v0.97d the script use ASL functions which only in this version
2:goto top menu file > confugure ....
3:set up and and assign a folders most important for plugins is the scripts: directories
4:make sure you enable preload scripts click ok then close anim8or
5: put all the a8s plugins scripts you have DL'ed into the script folder that match the script directory you set up in configure menu
6 :restart anim8or and now all plugins scripts should appear
note : parametric shape plugins appear only on object mode tool bar and command scripts appear in the top menu scripts>"insert command name here" and export scripts become optional save type from object > export... dialogue menu

Thanks :)
Got it now

the work you have done is truly wonderful.
can you make something to generate garments for the figures?[a basic cage]
many amongst us must have tried enlarging a duplicate figure to try and
get a version we could then cut away at and remodel as a quick way of creating a piece of clothing.
only to find it doesn't work at all well.especially the under arm and gussett areas
so was thinking you could stick in a magic formula, lines of code and few esoteric squiggles etc to data for a f8ce figure and bazaam there it is. :)........errm ???

oops didnt spot post sorry for delay

cloth should be quite easy to model using quad ring and connect edge commands or knife tool
because of the way it was created the a8s file would be double file size when switching geometry :/ plus im to lazy to go deep into coordinate data ,modelling sleeves is more practical

how ever before i forget ill upload the ASL developer script for v9 that has the uv crash bug fix

these files are used for producing the plugin so if you donot know how to use Anim8or Script Language dont download them

-note copy paste data .txt had slight change as well

sorry the an8 project model is not included for one simple reason "31.2 MB (32,795,146 bytes)" in size
how ever a8s v9 parametric shape plugin is essentially identical just  convert 100% of each parameter/attribute as target shape names used in the script or must easier method just scrap the target names and use your own custom plugin (just please make your own plugin icon if you do make your own)

This is an interesting script. I shall check it out later when I have time ^^


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