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Chain Reaction
Another animation challenge is here! The goal is to create a short animation that shows a chain reaction. One thing leads to another, you know...

Everything must be modeled and rendered in Anim8or, but you can use other software for texturing, post-production etc.

Submit a YouTube or Vimeo video in the best possible quality.

Deadline: 3 weeks (August 21st)

What will be judged: The best video wins, that's it!

Hmm... Good idea, Kubajzz! :D

I'll really try to enter this one. :)

Ok... I think I can join this one. I have enough time to think of something and actually do something. XD

Very interesting idea Kubajzz  ;D

There is some limit? How short must be?


--- Quote from: Gyperboloid on August 02, 2010, 12:16:58 pm ---There is some limit? How short must be?

--- End quote ---

I guess since it's a "chain reaction" it doesn't matter how short/long it is. ;)


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