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[ COMPLETE ]Challenge #21: Dinner is served

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Challenge #21: Dinner is served
The next challege: Dinner is served. Make a scene in which a dinnertable is shown. Plates, knives, candlelight: make it as wild as you want.
Voted will be on the best still image.

Deadline: Two Weeks (september the 16th)

ha, now looking at this you can use ANY renderer as you hav`nt said to the contarary...  reminds me of our "Time for Lunch" challenge last year on 

Ofcourse you will have to make a new render for this challenge ;)
but yes...let's go can use different renderers for this challenge. But the rest should be done in anim8or and ofcourse I can recommend the ART renderer to everyone ;)

Hmm.. This will be pretty fun and enjoyable for me. I'll see what I can do. :)

yay :D this will be the first challenge i participate in ^_^
ive already got a good idea for this 1


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