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I am kind of new to 3d animation, but I am learning and wanted to try making an animated short using Anim8or.  I was thinking in gathering around 10 people for this project, join if you like.  Please consider to join the project, I am currently trying to join the Anim8or movie project as well, this will be similar but smaller.  When we have gathered a team, we can start discussing the story and distributing the jobs.  If you are interested please write an e-mail to me at and make sure the subject says "Animated short project" so I know what it is.  Thank you all.


Can you give some details? More people would be interested if they knew what they were getting into.

The idea is basically gathering around 10 people and doing a nice 5 to 15 minutes video.  The topic of the video isn't clear yet, I was thinking maybe something about greek mythology, if people don't like that new ideas can be discussed.  Whoever is a little interest, like "Hmm, I want to do it, but I need more details.", should post here and start disscussing, the idea is to develop everything together.  Thanks for your reply.

By the way, I will try to log in every day to advance faster and as soon as interested people agree to certain story, I could begin writing it and you can all spread your opinions.  Also remember that the length is a variable, nothing is certain because I truly want us to do this as a team.

Sounds great!  I'd love to help but I'm currently atending a bording school and don't have a computer that I can use anim8or on but if you're still working on it this summer I'll join in.  For a sample of my work just search for glorfon on youtube.  I think I'm more than qualified I can model, animate, edit,and  make textures. I'm currently atending the Perpich Center for arts Education my focus being animation and video.
If you need help with anything just ask I've worked on group animation projects before.

I took a look at your video, congratulations  on getting in that school, you are definitely in, I believe we are in similar levels of animation, you are probably getting better now that you are studying there, anyway, since we are just 2 by now and you can't actually work directly on the project, we might start planning the story, tell me how you feel about the Greek mythology idea, if you like it I can star writing the story as soon as possible, if not, please post new ideas, I also discovered, according to your youtube account we are the same age, mine is ISBAX as well but I don't have any video there yet, I got some 2d videos made for school projects, it's all I've made, as I said, I'm just starting with 3d, trying to learn quickly, currently reading the Anim8or manual, well,., you are definitely in, I will post your name on the first post of the thread and please tell me your opinion about that topic as soon as possible, thank you very much.

People, hope more of you join, you don't have to be very experienced.  Also, sorry if I write so much, I'm just excited about this.


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