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Okay. Ive been with anim8or for over a year now and I still havn't found any tutorials on scripts like could someone just take a simple script and explain line by line what each line is talking about
Because I 've wanting to make scriipts for so long but I still can't understand them.
Thanks in advance.

Maybe I can help you if you specify your reyuest better.
If you want to learn how to use controller scripts (as described in the manual: "Animating with expressions" and "Controller scripts"), I can help you; it's the simplest part of script writing (and the only I've managed to learn).
If you want to learn how to write more complex scripts such as parametric mesh plugins etc., I can't help you because I don't know anything about this...

Really I should have been more clear. I really wanted to learn how to wirte scripts for  parametric mesh plugins  because then I could make my own custom plugin for myself or make for other people and also I just want to know more about anim8or.


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