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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #24: Halls of Fury!

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Halls of Fury!
Welcome to Challenge #24! The goal here is to fill the above hallway with whatever you see fit! Make a cool scene out of it!

Wait, what?
That's right folks. You get a lovely clean canvas in the form of 5 sides to do whatever you wish! Add content in or around the halls, modify the walls to your liking, add more hallways, whatever you please!

Eh, What's The Catch?
Uh oh. Umm....

* You gotta model some of the stuff in Anim8or
* The original hallway's dimensions can't be changed
* The camera position, direction and FOV can't be changed
One Whole Month! (March 13th, 2011)

A puh-PRIZE!?!
The top three winners get a poster shipped to them with all the entries in it! (so long as there are 5+ entries).

Use whatever renderer you want!

Use the .an8 file as your foundation for your hallway!

Please post your final image as 1800x360!

Q: Should the word "Fury" reflect in the scene?
A: Only if you want it to ;) That won't be in the judging criteria. The public will be judging the entries based on overall impression.

Q: Seems like a lot of work, can I do this challenge with someone else?
A: Yes! The end result is all that matters, so long as it's done through sweat and tears! (no prefabs please!)

Q: I'm using XXXX program to do my non-modeling work. Does the scene orientation/camera setup have to perfectly match the Anim8or version?
A: Don't be the one sticking out like a sore thumb! Try to match it as perfectly as possible! Most scene/camera systems should be similar enough to where you can just enter the same coordinates and FOV you'll be pretty close to the original. After that it's just a bit of tweaking!

Q: Do I have to use the same lighting/materials/etc that's in the attached .an8 file?
A: No, the only things you have to keep the same are the dimensions of the hallway, the 5:1 ratio of the camera resolution, and the same distance and FOV. You can add whatever you want to the hallway, add more hallways or rooms, add stuff around the hallway to supplement it, add stuff inside it, etc. Just don't block the original hallway from the camera. Also from the sample you only really get the impression of one kind of scale. But you can make it out to whatever scale of detail you want. Like a huge banquet or concert hall, a portion of a mall, a regular underground hallway, a hotel hallway, a mouse nest, or whatever. Just remember that you can only add so much detail to the outside of it (equal to the black space around the hallway in the render above). Everything else will be cropped out!

Final Entries(Click on the image to load full-size -- Warning: Very Large Image!!!)

Do you have a file you wish us to use originally?

that's a fine hallway Raxx :)

Oh shoot, yeah I meant to share the file, oops! Gimme a min to upload it. In the meanwhile, yeah...

[edit]It's in the first post now![/edit]

How many hours do you have in your minute Raxx? ;D ;D ;D

Still waiting for the file.

One question?  Should the word "Fury" reflect in the scene?


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